Baby Watch Day 4


These two peas-in-a-pod have been sitting on my kitchen counter since January.

Dear friends put on a baby shower for the twins and their momma.

 Every cupcake at the party was topped with these sweet peas.

This is how I’ve been picturing the babies on the day of their birth.

Two darling little faces peeking out from their pod, both with big smiles.

And a pink bow in her hair.

Baby Watch Day 5


This is the mother-to-be, back in the day.

She loved her blankie with all her heart.

See how she put the cloth right up against her little nose?

This allowed her to suck on her two middle fingers, while the index finger kept the blankie steady.

She had the system down.

Over time, blankie looked a little worse for wear.

Over a long time, blankie got smaller and smaller.

Over a long, long time, this was all that was left of beloved blankie.


I know.

Hard to believe she could love something so much.

She’s about to find out how much more love she has to give.


God bless all the babies and their blankies.

Baby Watch Day 7

wombmatesWhen I was a freshman in college, I spent part of a semester living in a two-person dorm room with two other people.  That makes three people (I told you I went to college) in a little bitty space.  We had a triple-decker bunk bed and I got the top, which was about twelve inches from the ceiling.  We all got along just fine, but after a while, it got a little cramped.  Having two roommates was an interesting experience but not one I’d care to repeat.

I wonder if my twin grandchildren are starting to feel like it’s time to find a bigger place.

They have been good little roommates, but there’s a nice crib waiting for them with lots of room for stretching.

Baby Watch Day 8

“You knit me together in my mother’s womb.”  Psalm 139:13

Dear God,

It’s time to put the finishing touches on these two masterpieces You are creating.

Just a few more details and they will be complete.

A wisp of hair for her, a dimple for him.


We don’t want to rush You……

…..but are You almost done?



Baby Watch Day 10

A friend of mine sent me this picture by photographer Anne Geddes and I couldn’t resist sharing it, in light of yesterday’s post.

watermelon babies

I promise I will not put the newborn twins in watermelon rinds.

They aren’t in season yet.

Watermelons, I mean.

I also promise not to use the word watermelon in my next post.

On Baby Watch


The countdown is on.

11 days to go.

My baby is going to bring not one, but two babies into the world.

The “Pregnancy: What to Expect” app is telling me that a baby is as big as a watermelon at 38 weeks.

What my app doesn’t know is that there are two watermelons inside my daughter.

I carried two watermelons around the grocery store today, just to see.

I didn’t like it.

I hope these two watermelons come soon.