Baby Watch Day 7

wombmatesWhen I was a freshman in college, I spent part of a semester living in a two-person dorm room with two other people.  That makes three people (I told you I went to college) in a little bitty space.  We had a triple-decker bunk bed and I got the top, which was about twelve inches from the ceiling.  We all got along just fine, but after a while, it got a little cramped.  Having two roommates was an interesting experience but not one I’d care to repeat.

I wonder if my twin grandchildren are starting to feel like it’s time to find a bigger place.

They have been good little roommates, but there’s a nice crib waiting for them with lots of room for stretching.

2 thoughts on “Baby Watch Day 7

  1. I am sure they will burst out crying for joy to their new freedom – what a neat comparison. The waiting game is a hard one at this point – we are all anxious for you and Anna and family = anxious to see their little faces.

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