Baby Watch Day 4


These two peas-in-a-pod have been sitting on my kitchen counter since January.

Dear friends put on a baby shower for the twins and their momma.

 Every cupcake at the party was topped with these sweet peas.

This is how I’ve been picturing the babies on the day of their birth.

Two darling little faces peeking out from their pod, both with big smiles.

And a pink bow in her hair.

4 thoughts on “Baby Watch Day 4

  1. I’m pulling for the 17th. Just think–Dec. 17 (Dan & Adin), Jan. 17 (Benjamin), I’m not sure about Feb. 17…and then March 17 (Garrett & the twins). And take it out a bit further and July 17 is Jorja. Maybe I’m missing some in there, but that’s what comes to mind right now. Kind of strange… 🙂

  2. I didn’t realize 17 was such a significant number in the family! I’m sure Anna wouldn’t mind. A C-section is scheduled for the 18th as both babies are breach. Won’t be long now!

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