On Baby Watch


The countdown is on.

11 days to go.

My baby is going to bring not one, but two babies into the world.

The “Pregnancy: What to Expect” app is telling me that a baby is as big as a watermelon at 38 weeks.

What my app doesn’t know is that there are two watermelons inside my daughter.

I carried two watermelons around the grocery store today, just to see.

I didn’t like it.

I hope these two watermelons come soon.

9 thoughts on “On Baby Watch

  1. So exciting! I carried my twins to 37 weeks! Praying for a quick and healthy delivery and a smooth transition for your daughter for life with 2 babies! 🙂

  2. We are all waiting for these precious babies and can’t imagine how Anna is feeling with all this extra weight. Praying for all to go well for this miracle of birth.

  3. Only you Dinah- in the store carrying 2 melons! There is a Walgreen’s commercial out that has a young couple with twins and I thought of her. God will continue blessing her with a calm, easy birth we pray. * HS*

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