Baby Watch Day 10

A friend of mine sent me this picture by photographer Anne Geddes and I couldn’t resist sharing it, in light of yesterday’s post.

watermelon babies

I promise I will not put the newborn twins in watermelon rinds.

They aren’t in season yet.

Watermelons, I mean.

I also promise not to use the word watermelon in my next post.

4 thoughts on “Baby Watch Day 10

  1. Ha! You couldn’t have planned these posts any better! And where did they get those watermelon clothes? I hope early/out-of-season watermelons are sweet ones!

  2. How cute are those babies! I bet you can find an equally cute option without putting them into fruit. We put Vin into our old mailbox (it was a fish) so cute. 10 days, its the countdown!

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