Baby Watch Day 10

A friend of mine sent me this picture by photographer Anne Geddes and I couldn’t resist sharing it, in light of yesterday’s post.

watermelon babies

I promise I will not put the newborn twins in watermelon rinds.

They aren’t in season yet.

Watermelons, I mean.

I also promise not to use the word watermelon in my next post.

On Baby Watch


The countdown is on.

11 days to go.

My baby is going to bring not one, but two babies into the world.

The “Pregnancy: What to Expect” app is telling me that a baby is as big as a watermelon at 38 weeks.

What my app doesn’t know is that there are two watermelons inside my daughter.

I carried two watermelons around the grocery store today, just to see.

I didn’t like it.

I hope these two watermelons come soon.