Baby Watch Day 5


This is the mother-to-be, back in the day.

She loved her blankie with all her heart.

See how she put the cloth right up against her little nose?

This allowed her to suck on her two middle fingers, while the index finger kept the blankie steady.

She had the system down.

Over time, blankie looked a little worse for wear.

Over a long time, blankie got smaller and smaller.

Over a long, long time, this was all that was left of beloved blankie.


I know.

Hard to believe she could love something so much.

She’s about to find out how much more love she has to give.


God bless all the babies and their blankies.

4 thoughts on “Baby Watch Day 5

  1. ok , dinah. this post made me teary!!!

    Amen, God bless the babies, their blankies, and their mamas’ and daddys’ ( no matter how old the babies are!)

  2. A picture tells a thousand words. A thousand of your words tells a picture of you. Oh the love you have for your children and grandchildren. Continued prayers for all.

  3. My heart melted–what memories you have touched–keeping you all in our prayers–do you think they are waiting for St Patricks Day? Have been checking everday–just waiting to see the news, but I got to thinking–I will probably hears the shouts Joy!!!!

    • Hi Pam! A C-section has been scheduled for Monday the 18th if she doesn’t go into labor before. Can’t wait to meet these little people! Will let you know!

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