My Wedding Ring


Thirty-five years ago, when I had curly hair and a skinny waistline, I stood before a church full of people and promised to love and to cherish PB my whole life.  My handsome groom and I sang a song together to seal the deal.

But when the time came to exchange rings, something went awry.  My sister and PB’s brother had conspired to pull a prank on us.  My future father-in-law held out his open Bible to receive the gleaming gold bands from the maid-of-honor and the best man.

Instead, gleaming plastic Oscar Meyer wiener rings were presented.

There was a momentary pause as we took it in.  A gasp (PB), a frown (his dad), a nervous giggle (me).

Unfortunately, the microphone standing right in front of us picked up my voice as I whispered, “I can’t do this!”  Oh yes.  More gasps, frowns, and nervous giggles from the congregation.

We carried on.  “With this ring, I thee wed.”  With this plastic, Oscar Meyer ring, I marry you, and that’s no bologna.  Hot dog!

Even though the O.M. boy with the frankfurter hat had been thoroughly blessed, we discarded those trinkets shortly after the ceremony and slipped on the real rings.

A few years ago, I got to thinking about those unique little pieces of our history.  I found one on Ebay for $5.00 and gave it to PB for Christmas.  We said, “I do” all over again.

This is our story.  This is our song.


“Love’s grown deep inside of us,

And time has made us sure,

That the reason we stand here,

Is because You’ve touched Your hand here.

The love we feel today is meant to be shared by two,

So we commit our love to You.”

Still do.

Mr. and Mrs.


The new Mr. and Mrs.

I still get teary-eyed looking at this picture.


The family Scrabble board is complete.

Her name fits just right.


These guys.

All five grands dressed up fancy for Uncle Jake’s wedding.


Three weddings and five grand babies in three years.

Holy moly.

This Nonnie is plumb tuckered out, but with a full heart.

A Blessing For My Son

Jake 001

This is my baby.

He’s getting married in a few days, so naturally I’m getting all sentimental about this child.

I love this picture because it captures a moment I treasure, the perfect day.

 A summer day, barefoot on green grass, peaceful river, gentle breeze, garden ready for planting, Wisconsin cheese t-shirt, worn out blue jeans, favorite blankie hanging on the clothesline.

So, reflecting on this photo, here is a blessing for my son as he marries his love:

May you have the perfect summer day to begin your life together.

May you walk in green pastures of provision and rest by still waters of peace.

May you be refreshed by the wind of the Spirit blowing through your lives.

May you sow seeds of faith in the fertile ground of love and reap a bountiful harvest.

May you remember where you’ve been, who you are, and whose you are.

May you find satisfaction in hard work and a job well done.

May you always feel wrapped in the security and comfort of the love of God and family.

Love, Mom

Love in Key Largo

Last Sunday we had a little wedding on a beach in Key Largo.

My son married his true love.


They bound their promises, their future and their lives together.

Sam, Tiff and God — “a rope made of three cords is hard to break.”       Ecclesiastes 4:12


At the end of the ceremony they did what all good grandchildren living in the 21st century should do: they said “Hi!” to Grandma, who was watching on Skype.


It was one of those magical moments, one of those happiest of days that you treasure up and hold dear.

Mother of the Groom

This is my boy, Sam. 

He’s getting married next week. 

He’s 27 years old and has grown up to become an interesting, capable and compassionate young man. 

I’ve given him lots of advice over the years, but looking at this picture, there’s just a few more things I’d like to say.

1.   See how firmly you grip that baseball bat?  Hold on to your marriage with that same steady hand, ready for whatever comes.

2.  See the strength in those arms?  Put those arms around your wife everyday — let her know she can depend on your strength.

3.  See how straight and tall you stand?  Be resolved to stand up for what’s true, noble, right, pure and lovely as you lead your family.

4.  See that twinkle in your eye?  Bring joy and energy and delight into your home when you walk in the door at the end of each day.

5.  See the way your hair sticks out every which way?  You don’t have to be perfect — and neither does she.

6.  See that smile on your face?  Let that positiveness fill you with confidence for your future together.

7.  See that ear bending under your hat?  Listen, really listen to each other’s words and say “I love you” often.

8.  See that uniform?  You’re starting a new team and you are in it together.  Lots of us are cheering you on.

9.  Just a couple other things: shut the cupboard doors, pick up your dirty clothes and put down the toilet seat.

10. Keep Jesus at the center.

Love, Mom