A Blessing For My Son

Jake 001

This is my baby.

He’s getting married in a few days, so naturally I’m getting all sentimental about this child.

I love this picture because it captures a moment I treasure, the perfect day.

 A summer day, barefoot on green grass, peaceful river, gentle breeze, garden ready for planting, Wisconsin cheese t-shirt, worn out blue jeans, favorite blankie hanging on the clothesline.

So, reflecting on this photo, here is a blessing for my son as he marries his love:

May you have the perfect summer day to begin your life together.

May you walk in green pastures of provision and rest by still waters of peace.

May you be refreshed by the wind of the Spirit blowing through your lives.

May you sow seeds of faith in the fertile ground of love and reap a bountiful harvest.

May you remember where you’ve been, who you are, and whose you are.

May you find satisfaction in hard work and a job well done.

May you always feel wrapped in the security and comfort of the love of God and family.

Love, Mom

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