Mother of the Groom

This is my boy, Sam. 

He’s getting married next week. 

He’s 27 years old and has grown up to become an interesting, capable and compassionate young man. 

I’ve given him lots of advice over the years, but looking at this picture, there’s just a few more things I’d like to say.

1.   See how firmly you grip that baseball bat?  Hold on to your marriage with that same steady hand, ready for whatever comes.

2.  See the strength in those arms?  Put those arms around your wife everyday — let her know she can depend on your strength.

3.  See how straight and tall you stand?  Be resolved to stand up for what’s true, noble, right, pure and lovely as you lead your family.

4.  See that twinkle in your eye?  Bring joy and energy and delight into your home when you walk in the door at the end of each day.

5.  See the way your hair sticks out every which way?  You don’t have to be perfect — and neither does she.

6.  See that smile on your face?  Let that positiveness fill you with confidence for your future together.

7.  See that ear bending under your hat?  Listen, really listen to each other’s words and say “I love you” often.

8.  See that uniform?  You’re starting a new team and you are in it together.  Lots of us are cheering you on.

9.  Just a couple other things: shut the cupboard doors, pick up your dirty clothes and put down the toilet seat.

10. Keep Jesus at the center.

Love, Mom

7 thoughts on “Mother of the Groom

  1. Amen! So many wonderful and new events entering your lives – soak it all up and enjoy. Wonderful adivce for a great young couple. Enjoy every moment of it.

  2. Well done! This is advice that will stand the test of time…….and not just for the young ones. This applies to us “oldies” as well! We all need reminders from time to time.

  3. Love the picture and your comments.. So hard to believe how quickly it all happens isn’t it? There is something special about mothers and sons too. So excited for all of you at this time of new beginnings.
    Thinking of all the Overliens..Enjoy the moments.

  4. Again Dinah you have made me cry. A mother and child is very special love-A first love. Excited to hear all about the wedding. Wishing you all the best Overliens.

  5. It was so good to see you and touch base–How did our boys grow up so fast–but what wonderful men they have become–if you don’t mind–I’m going to find a similar picture of Zac and give him the same advise–although I will have to change the hair part–I think Zac’s hair was shaved most of the time:)–have a wonderful weekend–keep you all in my prayers–Take Care and God Bless

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