Foiled Again

They’re on to me.
They must have been eavesdropping as I boasted.
Either that or our resident chipmunks read my blog.
One day after I declared war on the rascals, they stormed back.


Last year, I sprinkled garlic around the edges of the pots.
Then I placed moth balls around the blooms.
Even that didn’t stop the critters
but it did make the front porch stink.
I thought I outsmarted them this year.
But my fork fortified fortress didn’t stand its ground.
A lot of ground was scattered across my porch.
I’m sad to report one casualty.

I should have known the chipmunks would challenge me.
The gaps between the tines were too tempting.

I’m considering a counter-attack.
Perhaps stainless steel forks
with sharpened tips
connected to an electric current
and sprayed with rodent poison.

Game on.

4 thoughts on “Foiled Again

  1. Now we’re in my territory. 😊 Have you tried hot pepper, powdered or flakes, sprinkled ON the soil in the planter? It won’t hurt the plants even if it gets on them (but beware if you have little grandkids that like to touch or smell gma’s pretty flowers) and should teach the little scamps a (painful but not dangerous) lesson.

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