This Is War

Every summer, my flower pots are attacked by chipmunks.
The little rodents crawl in and their little back feet go to work,
uprooting my blooms and spraying dirt all over the porch.
Not this year.
Not in 2020.

I may not be able to control this wild and crazy world.
The stores may not stock yeast and my favorite toilet cleaner.
The crack of the bat may not be heard in stadiums and ball fields.
We may not sit in theaters watching the summer blockbuster.
We won’t spread blankets on the city square and listen to concerts.

But, by gum, those insolent critters are not going to dig in my flower pots.
My weapons of warfare are plastic forks and they are holding off the enemy.
I’m standing my ground.


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6 thoughts on “This Is War

  1. OHHHHH MYYYYY GOOOODNESS – I have not stop laughing!!! We have problems with our bird feeders, I’m sure if we would put forks in the grape jelly the raccoons would be very appreciated of our kind gesture. My Gary always say, “you know dear, all God’s creatures need to eat”. My comment back is always, “really dear, is that so”. Take Care and May God keep filling that head of yours with wonderful messages that come from the heart.

  2. H ah aha Ahaaaaa!
    Of course… The despicable Gaurdians of the Flower Pot Galaxy!
    Plastic forks and all thier splendor ..Never again shall a chipmunk Nor fast boring Rodent Enter its space.

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