Stanza N

The old David is back in this section! “Oh, how I love Your law!” is his opening line (with an exclamation point!). That’s more like it! His affliction lasted for a season, and now, he writes with a new appreciation for God’s good word.

Psalm 119:97-104

Needless to say, I love Your law;
     I think about it day and night.

Now I outsmart my pesky foes,
     because Your commands make me wise.

Not to brag, but I’ve got insight,
     since I feed my mind with Your word.

None of the elders surpass me,
     for I have learned to obey You.

Notice how I avoid evil;
     I keep my feet on the high road. 

Nothing deters me from Your law,
     for I have learned from the best — You!

Naturally sweet to my senses,
     Your words are tasty as honey.

New discernment keeps my mind sharp;
     I can’t stand walking on dead ends.


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