Stanza M

The second half of Psalm 119 begins today!

The first eleven letters of the Hebrew alphabet tell the story of our rescue, from the God-man bridging the gap between heaven and earth (Aleph) to the believer’s place of safety and security in the hands of the Father (Kaph). The 12th letter marks the beginning of the second half, and a new story. The theme shifts from God’s work on our behalf, to our response and our need to persevere to the end with our faith intact.

Psalm 119:89-96

Made to last beyond space and time,
     Your divine word stays rock solid.

Marching through time, You are faithful.
     The earth lasts because You say so.

Morning to night, Your laws live on,
     and all creation waits on You.

Minus Your laws that delight me,
     I couldn’t have survived for long.

Mindful of all You’ve said to me,
     I feel reinvigorated.

My life is all Yours, so save me,
     for I keep on searching Your Word.

Many foes are out to get me,
     still I fix my thoughts on Your law.

Most of the time I’m deficient,
     But not You — You are limitless.


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