Stanza L

Maybe you noticed that I skipped from J to L? I have nothing against K. My firstborn’s name starts with K. It’s just that I had to shave 4 letters off the English alphabet in order to match the 22 letter Hebrew aleph-bet. K, Q, X and Z got the boot because they have the least number of words in my thesaurus. It was strictly an objective decision. K?

Psalm 119:81-88

Longing for rescue, I fade fast,
   till I think of Your hopeful words.

Looking high and low for lifelines,
     I say, “Are you coming, or not?”

Listless as a shriveled up leaf,
     I make myself remember You.

Lonely, long days pass while I wait;
     when will my foes get their payback?

Look! Those hotshots plan my downfall;
     surely that goes against Your law.

Listen, Lord, I trust Your commands,
     but I need help with these bullies.

Life just about ended for me,
     still I won’t turn my back on You.

Love me, Lord, and safeguard my life;
     say the word and I will obey.


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