Stanza D

How is everybody doing? I’ve heard it said that the whole world is a little depressed right now. Do you feel it? God knows it’s hard to be us. Thankfully, we get a whole range of emotions in the Psalms that give us some insight into how to navigate the ups and downs of life.

David had his share of bad days and he wasn’t afraid to be honest about it. Green pastures and still waters were not on his mind as he composed this fourth stanza. However, in eight verses he went from wallowing in sorrow to a full heart. He started out clinging to dust and ended up clinging to God’s testimonies. How did he do it? Let’s see what we can learn from stanza D this week.


(Here’s a review of my self-imposed rules for re-writing each passage.)

Psalm 119:25-32

Down at the bottom of the heap,
    I need Your word to renew me.

Describing my ways, You answered;
    now teach me what I need to learn.

Drill into me how Your law works,
    so I can chew on it in awe.

Deep inside I’m tired and sad;
    let Your word give me stamina.

Deceit must be put on the shelf;
    tenderly teach me Your precepts.

Determined to walk by Your side,
    I put Your laws front and center.

Deciding to stick with Your word,
    Lord, keep me from messing this up.

Delight comes with going full tilt;
    Your love makes my heart want to burst!


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2 thoughts on “Stanza D

  1. Good Story Dinah.
    However this is a small bump in the road. I am a little concerned but never distressed as have much greater losses financially and personally than this episode. Have I done it by my self???
    You know better. Alwalys be highs lows and in betweens in life. THe good news is, with our faith and the scriptures as a guide, This life episode is going to help us all mentally and spiritually be stronger for the next more challenging ones.
    Enjoy your stories and scripture choices Always. Dinah

    PS. Also, today, read your yearly scripture for April 26th. Psalm 77

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