Stanza A


Since most of us don’t read Hebrew,
and since I admire David’s use of his alphabet,
and since I am quarantined and have oodles of time,
I thought it would be fun to re-write David’s magnum opus.

Not to improve upon it, mind you. I find re-wording scripture is a challenging exercise because it forces me to process each word and try to match the meaning while using different expressions. You might want to read the original first (scroll down) — I guarantee it’s better.

Here are the rules:
1) Start every line of the eight verse sections with the same letter.
2) Stay true to the meaning.
3) Since David wrote with a poetic meter, keep each line to eight syllables.
4) Break the rules when necessary.

Here goes.

Psalm 119:1-8       

A blessing comes to the spotless;
   to those who walk in His footsteps.

Another for guarding the truth
   and a hearty pursuit of God.

All wrongdoing should be cut off
   in order to stay on His path.

Author of precepts and commands,
   You expect my obedience.

Alas, I am not consistent
   in keeping Your law in my grip.

Away with the shame of my sin;
   instead, my eyes rest on Your word.

Arise and make way for some praise,
   while I learn to follow Your rules.

Above all, I will stick with You.
   Please, please, please, don’t give up on me!



*Next: a verse-by-verse study of Psalm 119:1-8.

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