Stanza P

This trek through Psalm 119 started way back on April 4th.
The trees were just starting to bud and spring was in the air.

Today we start week 15 with only 7 more weeks to go.

When we finish this Long Song series,
the trees will be dropping their leaves and a chill will be in the air.

May your summer of 2020 be remembered for more than Covid-19.
May your summer of 2020 be remembered as the days of Psalm 119.


Psalm 119:113-120

Pretense in people is loathsome,
     but I adore Your commandments.

Protection and shelter are mine;
     Your word helps me face the future.

Push those scoundrels away from me,
     so I can focus on your word.

Promise me You’ll keep me alive;
     I’m hoping You’ll come through for me.

Prop me up and I will be safe;
     I’ll respect Your law forever.

Put aside those who snub Your ways;
     there is no point to their falsehood.

Purge the world of the wicked ones;
     Your lovely law will outlast them.

Panic sets in at thoughts of You.
     No, it’s more like wonder and awe.


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2 thoughts on “Stanza P

  1. Wow! It has been 14 weeks already? Time goes by so fast! I am so enjoying this Dinah. This chapter is so marked up in my Bible. Thank you.

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