Seeing Stars — Day 4

“Where is the one…?”  Matthew 2:2


It seems the star that compelled the wise men to go on their journey disappeared for a time.  So naturally, they went to Jerusalem because, naturally, that was where the royal palace was, where, naturally, a king would be born.

Except this was a super-natural event.

When they saw the star, they were overjoyed.”  Matthew 2:10

You bet they were overjoyed.  Seeing that star reappear validated their 1,000 mile, four month (or more) journey.  That bright light confirmed that they weren’t crazy.  That radiant beam assured them that they were in the right place.

There is often a “middle” part in our journey, when the light doesn’t shine like it did at first. In those moments, we, too, may ask, “Where is He?” But we have to keep moving along, even in the dark.  Because if we don’t, we’ll miss the light at the end — the part where joy overflows.

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