Starry, Starry Night – Day 5


The other day, I was looking for my reading glasses.  I have strategically placed several pair of the Dollar Store variety all around the house. I refuse to wear reading glasses around my neck with a chain. My 5th grade teacher did that, and she was old.

I looked high and low before catching a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror, where I saw the specs perched on my head.  Maybe I am old.

Foreigners traveled hundreds of miles across a desert and made their way to Bethlehem.  But chief priests and teachers of the law six miles down the road didn’t seem all that interested.

Sometimes the closer things are, the harder they are to notice.

3 thoughts on “Starry, Starry Night – Day 5

  1. How funny. I nearly always admired those ‘old ladies’. I think it was because they seemed so strong and sure of themselves. I always imagined I’d wear my glasses around my neck someday…. 🙂

  2. (Yes, I understand that wasn’t the heart of this blog. lol As for not seeing what’s right in front of us, I’m the one who ‘lost’ toddler Olivia while I was holding her (lo, these many years ago). It’s all in our perspective, right?)

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