So Long, March

March is so long.

And full of madness.

I tend to slink through late winter by hibernating with a stack of books. I’m always happy to have made it through this stretch of days while waiting for real spring to show itself after some false starts.

But this year, March has been surprising.

First off, these guys came back to the Western Hemisphere, the North American continent, the US of A, the Midwest!



Oh, and so did their parents!

For the first time in years, our kids are all within a few hours drive of each other.

Then, there are these guys.

777fd134-4456-3690-8268-c7d631510876Frank the Tank and the Wisconsin Badgers have made it to the Final Four.

March Madness is so much more fun when your team is winning.

Then there was this.


PB and I got in the car one Friday morning and drove to St. Louis.  We saw our niece perform in a musical, ate some BBQ, and drove home the next day.  I love road tripping with PB.  He lets me pick out all the podcasts and music we listen to.  He lets me read out loud to him.  And sometimes he lets me drive.  While he sleeps, I put on the earphones and listen to the audio version of “Pride and Prejudice” because that’s where he draws the line.  

We were ready for a pit stop around Springfield, Illinois, so we stopped in at the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.  What a great place!


We celebrated birthdays, our church gathered in small groups for Lent, I went without sugar for three weeks, I read six books.

Thank you, March.

You weren’t so bad.

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