Yes To ____

There’s something in my shower that has changed everything.
It’s not a gadget or a beauty product or a cleaning solution.
It’s a sticker.


I’m not too particular about which lotions and soaps I use.
Awhile back, I picked up a cleanser called
“Yes to Blueberries”
because the label said,
“helps improve skin firmness,
protect skin,
diminish fine lines and wrinkles,
and nourish age-damaged skin.”

I’m all for firmness and diminishing wrinkles.
I tried not to be too offended by the “age-damaged” part.
Plus, it was on sale.
Plus, I like blueberries.
Grapefruit and carrots are also on my “like” list, so I tried these.


I can’t say for sure that I’m firmer or less wrinkly,
but there is a feature of these products that has had a huge impact on me.

The soap comes with a sticker that keeps the lid from opening.
So the other day,
I grabbed my new bottle of Grapefruit Rejuvenating Body Wash
that promises “soft skin with a natural glow” and pulled the sticker off.


Some of my most meaningful prayers have come from
reading labels in the shower.
This little two word sticker rejuvenated my spirit.


This is the prayer of faith I’ve been trying to articulate!

God, today I say “Yes to ____”
and You fill in the blank.

Before I step out of the shower and begin the day,
before I know what the next twelve hours will bring,
before I have the chance to rethink and say “no” —
here’s my prayer:

“Yes to ______.”

Help me stand firm in the truth,
protect me from evil,
diminish my desire to sin,
and nourish my soul.
Keep my heart soft
and help me glow with the Spirit.

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