Powering Down

stationLife used to be so much more simple before all the time-saving, productivity-boosting, technology-driven gadgets came along.  Ironically, I often feel like my gizmos steal a lot of time and keep me from being more productive.  Huh.

For instance, I used to get ready for bed by washing my face, brushing my teeth and setting my alarm clock.  This nighttime routine took about 10 minutes.

Now, here are the steps I go through each evening:

Wash face and brush teeth.

Check email for messages.

Check Facebook for messages.

Check blog for messages.

Download podcasts to listen to in the morning.

Plug in laptop to charge overnight.

Plug iPod into computer so it’s charged for my morning walk.

Check tomorrow’s weather forecast on phone.

Check GroupMe and Instagram to see if the kids added anything.

Set alarm clock on phone for 5:25 a.m.

Pick which song I want to wake up to and set it.

Check the Up app to see how many steps I took during the day.

Close all the apps I opened throughout the day.

Plug in phone to charge overnight.

Switch my Up bracelet to “night” so it can track my sleep.

Turn my Kindle’s Wi-Fi on to download books I may have ordered.

Check battery level on the Kindle and plug in if needed.

Kiss PB goodnight.

Goodness gracious, my bedtime routine is a production and a half. It’s no wonder I sleep so well.  Powering down is a lot of work.

When Jesus sent the disciples out by twos for a season of ministry, He told them, “Don’t load yourselves up with equipment.  Keep it simple; you are the equipment.” (Luke 9:3) 

Ah yes.  So for the next two weeks, I’m going to unload my equipment, simplify, and focus on the people in my house.  And there will be lots of them — five little grand-people and all the adults that go with them.  It’s a good time to disconnect from my gadgets and equip my heart to love my people.

One thought on “Powering Down

  1. Oh, don’t power down so fast Gramma Nonnie! I suspect that some of those little grand-people may want you to power up one of your gadgets before long!! Enjoy!!!

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