in sessionSince PB’s shoulder surgery last month, he’s had regular rehab appointments to get the muscles back in shape.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday he meets with John, who is a relentless taskmaster, putting PB through 45 minutes of challenging exercises.  Without that consistent work-out, the muscles would never recover strength or be able to function as intended.  That appointment is not optional and John expects PB to come with a willingness to work.   At first, PB dreaded going — he knew it wouldn’t be easy or comfortable.  But now, he and John are pretty good friends and after every session, the shoulder feels better and better.

I need rehab.

So every morning I meet with my Holy Therapist.

He soothes my hurts from the day before.

He rubs my sore spots with the oil of the Spirit.

He pushes me to move in new ways.

He keeps me from becoming stiff-necked.

He rehabs my soul.

Without that appointment, I grow weak and function poorly.

I know He expects me to show up and be open to His leading.

It’s not always easy or comfortable, but there is healing.

Over time, my sessions have gone from duty to delight.

Dear Lord, rehabilitate me.

“I’ll refresh tired bodies; I’ll restore tired souls.”  Jeremiah 31:25

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