Say Thank You

Having an almost-two-year-old boy in the house has turned every day into an adventure.  Hudson is learning new things at an incredible rate.  He’s picking up words like crazy, finding out what happens when he throws his food on the floor, and discovering how to postpone nap time.  He’s a smart little fella.  But some things don’t come naturally — they have to be taught.

Hud Bud’s parents are patiently instructing their boy to mind his manners.  When he holds out his cup and says, “More”, his mommy responds with, “More please”.  He repeats, “More peese” and then he gets his sippy cup filled.  She tells Hudson, “Say thank you” and he says, “Deet doo”.

It’s not natural to be grateful.  We have to be taught to say “thank you”.  I’m still learning.

This morning I walked outside and took in a big breath of cold air.  I heard in my heart, “Say thank you”.   So I said, “Thank you, Lord, for air.  Fresh, cold air to breath.  Every minute of every day, my whole life long.”

Then I stepped into last night’s dusting of snow and heard it again, “Say thank you”.  So I said, “Thanks, Lord, for seasons and sunshine and snowflakes and this beautiful earth.”

As I walked the dog around the block, I picked up the pace in the chilly wind but heard, “Say thank you”.  So I said, “Thanks so much for legs that walk and eyes that see and heart that beats.”

Nearing the back door, I looked in the window and saw PB making coffee and Hudson eating toast.  “Say thank you.”  “Oh, yes, Lord, for people to love and live with and laugh with — many, many thanks.”

Hudson and I are learning to be grateful.

“Thank you for Your kindness,

Thank You for Your mercy,

Thank You for the cross,

Thank You for the price You paid. 

Thank You for Your promise,

Thank You for Your favor,

Thank You for Your love,

And everything You’ve done for me.”*

In other words, Lord,

deet doo.

*”Thank You” by Hillsong

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