Breathing Again

breatheNot that I’m making any excuses for my rude behavior, but sometimes something has to give.  Unfortunately, small drop got dropped in the midst of an unusual season of busyness.  Some days are so filled with living that words can’t squeeze their way in to record the journey.

Today, because it’s my birthday, I’m giving myself a moment to breathe and see what leaks out with the exhale.  First, a look back.  This is how the autumn has gone:

PB took a tumble and tore his rotator cuff.

Our younger daughter and her family came to spend two weeks with us.  Our older daughter and her family came to spend two weeks with us.  We had 14 people in the house for almost two weeks.

We hosted the first ever family reunion on my side, with over 40 of us gathering.

Our younger daughter and her family moved overseas.  I sobbed at O’Hare.  I sobbed all the way home.  I sobbed when I walked in the house and saw the spit up cloths.

We had two big weddings – PB tied the knot, I got to sit and watch.  I always cry at weddings.  Happy tears.

My honey had shoulder surgery.  He felt like crying.

My sister-in-law had brain surgery.  Tough day with tough news.  I cried.

Our fifth grandchild was born (#4 in 2013).  I wept with joy as I held all 5 lb. 13 oz.

Our church sang “Have We Told You Lately That We Love You?” to us.  I did the ugly cry in front of the whole congregation.

I flew to Salt Lake City.

I flew back the next day with our older daughter and two grandsons.

Our son-in-law and his dad drove a moving truck for 24 straight hours.

Our older daughter and her husband and their two boys moved into our basement.  After being out west for 10 years, I blink back tears when I think that I get to see my girl’s face every morning in my kitchen.

Goodness, there’s been a lot of cryin’ going on.  Some sad, some happy, some from sheer exhaustion.  All from living life.  You know how it is.  You do it, too.  I wouldn’t trade away one of those tears, though.  Emotions mean I’m alive and I’m loved and I’m loving.

There.  I did it.  I looked back and sighed a big sigh.

Now I’m going to start looking forward.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Skyping with the twinsies, chasing the toddler, getting to know the new babies, singing, worshiping, studying, teaching…and hopefully, writing.

7 thoughts on “Breathing Again

  1. Dinah, I always love to read your posts. Its so strange how much life has changed since all of us kids were in school together…before the engagements, and marriages and kiddos…reading your posts makes me remember what it was like to be “home” in Elroy. I miss those days. And I miss you and all of your family. Mark and I have finally found a church here in Onalaska that feels like “home” to us….its a good feeling. Thinking of you! Happy Birthday!

  2. Tears…a cleansing! Sorrow and joy. Hurt and love. God walks with us through it all. I especially love your thought about being alive and loved and loving. That you are! Thank you for sharing and look forward to more journal entries!

  3. There is a quote somewhere (but I can’t find it) about how when you truly love someone, it makes your heart truly vulnerable ……and that the very things that make you happy and make your heart soar, can also make you sad, and tear your heart apart. I think it is far better to have truly loved and experienced all that goes with it, then to have avoided loving for fear of the pain it may bring. Love is a bit like the “talent” that the master gave to the servant — we need to make it grow by giving it away, no matter what the risk to our hearts, rather than bury it to keep it “safe”.

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