Dubble Bubble

It’s a girl!

It’s a boy!

It’s a girl and a boy!

It’s a dubble bubble in the most amazing sense of the word!

We’re gonna need to chew on this news awhile…

Nonnie and Grandpa Fun couldn’t be happier!

8 thoughts on “Dubble Bubble

  1. Woohoo!! Anna always did do things with an extra flair — this is a double extra flair! Just when Nonnie and Grampa Fun were starting to enjoy the peace and quiet of the empty nest…….things get interesting! What an exciting journey for everyone!

    We send each child out into the world, away from home, to find their way. Lo and behold, the investment is doubled when they find a spouse, it is tripled when baby arrives, it is quadrupled with 2nd baby. There is no other investment in this world that yields 200-400%!

  2. Just thinking…….if you start adding grandchildren’s names to the family scrabble board, you will need a bigger board, and more letters, and sooner or later, someone will get stuck with the “q”.!

  3. Hey–WOW–what great news–I have a special place in my heart for twins–(as only twins can understand)–just to help you out alittle with the scrabble–Quintin might work out as well…..:)

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