Long Time, No Hear

listeningSome of my friendly blog buddies have been wondering if I am just now “coming to” after the twin news.  I admit, the announcement did leave me speechless for a while.  But actually, the silence here at Small Drop has been a bit of an experiment.  What happens when I stop writing…or posting….or speaking?  Do people stop reading….or logging on….or listening?  How long are we willing to wait to hear from someone?

How about 400 years?  Malachi wrote the last word of the Old Testament sometime around 430 B.C.   Then came four centuries of silence.  No prophets spoke, no predictions were proclaimed, no judgements were called down on the wicked, no blessings were promised to the faithful.  Nothing.  Silence.

Four hundred years ago it was 1512.  Martin Luther was in seminary and Michelangelo was painting the Sistine Chapel.  What if we had not heard from God since 1512?  It’s remarkable that the story even survived.  It’s astounding that God’s people continued to wait and hope and pray.  Somehow, each generation kept handing down the directive: Wait.  God will speak again.

Then He did.  His first word after all those long years was, “Waaaahhhhh.”  He cried.  The priests weren’t expecting a baby’s wail.  They were sure it would sound more like a thundering voice coming out of smoke and fire, “Thus saith the Lord.”  So they missed it.

That’s what I love about God — He keeps me on my toes.  Just when I think I figure Him out, He does something wild and unexpected.

My experiment with silence on the blog confirmed my suspicions, as each day fewer and fewer people stopped by.  And then something wild and unexpected happened.  Yesterday, after all those days of no posts, hundreds visited Small Drop for my biggest day ever.  Figuring things out is highly overrated.  Being surprised is much more fun.

Lord, I welcome Your surprises.  Go ahead and say or do what I’m not expecting.  Just don’t let me miss it.

In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son.  Hebrews 1:1

3 thoughts on “Long Time, No Hear

  1. I love this post! I admit, I was beginning to wonder if all was ok in the Overlien family (hence my call yesterday, after I checked your blog yet again to see if you had been there….). A measly 2 weeks, and I couldn’t stand it anymore! But 400 years?!?! Now, that got me thinking! Sometimes I wonder who is today’s “prophet” for the world, who is the receiver/interpreter of God’s word today, who should we be listening to? Then, I realize that it is EACH OF US! We all need to be listening, watching, waiting for God’s word in our lives. Trouble is, it seems much easier to wait for someone else to just tell me what I should do,what God would want me to do. Somehow, it’s harder to do the listening myself. Why? The busy-ness of the world gets in the way. I am used to instant communication. I have read numerous “how-to” books and internet articles where everything is spelled out step by step. It requires EFFORT on MY part to constantly listen for His messages…and then, when I think I hear something, there is the doubt that I really did. I think I shall pray for better antennae, and more patience and stronger faith — the kind that would endure 400 years of silence.

  2. This is so good! Love how you think! Yes! We are the message – our lives proclaim the gospel. Quite a responsibility when you think about it that way. God is only silent now if we are silent about Him.

  3. I am one that checks your blog just about everyday– have my cup of coffee in hand–don’t listen to the news–just read your writings–they have made me think alot of the past, present, and future–I could not firgure out what was going on– but our live sometimes meet ourselves coming and going–so therefore I would look at past writing and then start my day–you have touch many lives–you have a gift a of sharing–they hit the core of our lives in one or another–yes I missed you–wondering if something had happen–if you were busy with the Christmas program–busy with Anna or Katie–making new memories–I tresure your memories–and thankyou for taking time to share them with us all–Take Care and God Bless Pam

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