Meet Charlie


May I introduce you?

Everybody, meet Charlie.

Charlie, say “hi”!


He’s a honey.

How many times can one Nonnie fall in love?

Apparently over and over.

Although I’m here to help my daughter and her husband keep the household intact during this transition to a family of four, it’s clear that my main function is to be Hud Bud’s buddy.  Today, I woke up extra early so I could jump in the shower and get my make up on before Hudson woke up.  I sure didn’t want to scare the little guy.

We had a great morning.  We played with toys, we tickled and laughed, we sang “Twinkle, Twinkle” dozens of times, and read the first page of ten different books.  We went outside, picked up rocks, and tried not to get all wet in the sprinkler.  I had a blast.  By then it was 7:30 a.m.  I could have kept it up for at least another couple of hours, but a trip to the farmer’s market sounded like fun, so we packed up the diaper bag and took off.


There was lots of beautiful produce….


and delectable baked goods…..



Someone was handing out suckers as we strolled along.

Hudson has never had a sucker.

Big brothers should have some privileges, that’s what I say.

There’s got to be some perks,


Hud Bud knew instinctively what to do.


He really liked it.


Dad, you’ve been holding out on me for 18 months.

Thank goodness Nonnie came.

My Royal Grandson

royal baby

Kate is going to have her baby soon, and  I’m not talking about the Duchess of Cambridge.

I’m referring to my daughter, Katie, who happens to have the same due date as the other Kate.

I expect thousands will be gathering outside the English hospital to await the royal news.

PB and I will be gathering by the phone, waiting for word from out west that the baby has arrived.

I suppose there will be great rejoicing in the streets of London when the church bells ring out.

PB and I will do a dance right in our living room, with peals of laughter and cries of joy.

I’m sure the regal birth announcement will be all over the TV and internet for the world to hear.

PB and I will be calling and texting and tweeting and facebooking our little corner of the world.

I presume there will be 101 gun salutes heard across the English countryside.

PB and I may set off a few left-over firecrackers in the backyard in honor of our new baby boy.

Little man, you may share a birthday with a prince or princess, but you aren’t in anyone’s shadow.

You aren’t the first-born, you aren’t the first-grand, you aren’t a twin.

You are different from all the rest — may your light shine.  Soon.

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.”  1 Peter 2:9

Baby’s Breath


Eli and Ella fit like puzzle pieces.

They smell each other and feel comforted.

They feel each other’s breath and rest peacefully.

“How good and how pleasant it is when brothers and sisters dwell in unity!”

Psalm 133:1