Thursday night the Packers played the Bears at 7:20 p.m. CT.  At 6:15 p.m., realization hit that the game was only on the NFL Network — which we don’t get.  After a few moments of wide-eyed angst, PB did what he does so well.  He took charge, called the 800 number for our cable company, and sweet talked the lady into giving us the NFL Network.  For free.  Gosh, I love that man. 

Evidently, a few weeks ago, we received a notice in the mail from the cable company announcing that several channels were being added to our lineup.  And that wasn’t all!  For such loyal customers as PB and I, the monthly charge was actually being dropped by several dollars.  All we needed to do was to call in or go to the web site and verify our address. 

Evidently, I threw the notice away.  But I’m secretly kind of glad, because PB got to come off looking like a hero.  In a matter of minutes, we were watching the pre-game show and reveling in the fact that his great charm got us 100 new channels for $10 less per month.  We hit the jackpot.  And I was going to settle for listening to the game on the radio.  Geesh.

I probably settle for less more than I realize.  God offers a pretty sweet deal, but I only take Him up on small parts of it.

Eternal life?  Great!  And blessings here on earth besides?  What? 

Peace of mind?  Wonderful!  But joy and purpose and security too?  Really? 

Forgiveness and grace?  I’ll take it!  Plus Holy Spirit power?  Come on.

God is the jackpot.  I don’t have to charm anything out of Him — He offers so much more than I even know.   I just need to tune in.

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