Back to School

We were on a college campus last weekend.  There’s nothing like strolling among big brick academic buildings to get my juices flowing.  Just thinking about walking into a university lecture hall with a notebook and pencil in hand makes me all fluttery inside — so much to learn, so little time.  As I was waxing eloquent about the joys of higher education, I asked PB if he felt it, too.  After a pause he said, “It kinda makes me feel sick to my stomach.”  (He still has dreams about being unprepared when called on in front of class.) 

Alas, I am not enrolled in any colleges this fall.  I’ve heard senior citizens can audit classes for free and not take any tests — PB might even go for that — but we’ve got a while to wait.  Then, something wonderful happened. 

The other day I was downloading music from iTunes and clicked on iTunes U.  Glory!  Free college courses from top universities!  Well, I got clicking and dragging.  This week I took Bo for a walk while listening to a Master Class on creative writing.  Last night I laid in bed with my earphones on, soaking up a doctorate class from Reformed Theological Seminary.  Somebody pinch me — this is too good to be true.

After a rather complacent summer of fluffy reading and down-right laziness, I am ready to strap on the backpack and go back to school….while walking the dog and lying in bed.  What a wonderful world.

If you see any classes over at iTunes U you’d like to eavesdrop on, please share!

2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Hmmm…..I have to say I’m with PB on this one, but for a different reason. I was prepared for class but just incredibly homesick when I attended Illinois State University. I don’t miss college.
    What I DO miss is the wonderful smell of a freshly mimeographed coloring page sitting neatly on my desk in first grade as I used my brand new Crayola Crayons on my artful creation! But as much as I loved the first days of grade school…..I would always be just a little bit homesick…

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