Tattle Tale

Day 8 – A Month with Mary and Martha

When Sam was little, he didn’t like to talk.  It didn’t take him long to figure out that if he’d just point at something and scream, his big sister would get it for him.  That worked for awhile.  Eventually, Katie began interpreting the grunts from baby brother and he didn’t seem to mind her doing all his talking for him.  Finally he started saying our names, “Mama, Daddy, Katie”, but when he tried to say “Sam” it came out more like “Tham”.  The little guy had the cutest lisp, which may have been the reason for the point and scream technique. 

I don’t usually like other people talking for me.  I prefer to stick my own foot into my own mouth, thank you.  I’m not comfortable with other people saying nice things about me in a group, either.  That’s awkward.  But I’m really not ok with someone pointing out my shortcomings in front of a crowd.  That’s embarrassing.

Martha’s problem was with Mary, but she didn’t address her sister.  Instead of pulling Mary aside and speaking to her privately, she went straight to the top and announced to the room full of disciples,  “Lord…my sister has left me to do all the work by myself..”  I think Martha expected Jesus to agree with her and send Mary back to the kitchen.   Mary might have been a little embarrassed, but Martha was in for a big surprise. 

Tattling on people to Jesus may not turn out the way we expect.

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