A Month with Mary and Martha – Day 9

“But Martha was distracted…”  Luke 10:40

I just wrote the title “Distractions” and then noticed that there was some painter’s tape left on the baseboards from when we painted this room.  So I spent the last 10 minutes pulling off little pieces of blue tape.  Right after I typed the word “Distractions”.  Huh.

I’m not as bad as my dog, Bo.  When I take her for a walk, she is a study in distractions.  Bo is part beagle, so her nose goes to the ground and she’s off, following a scent.  When a dog barks in the distance, her head pops up and she starts off in another direction.  But then a squirrel runs out in front of her and she gives chase.  Suddenly, her nose picks up a new scent….  It’s a frantic, harried existence. 

Bo has another side, though; one of intense concentration.  In the morning, when my English muffin pops up from the toaster, Bo trots into the kitchen.   As I put butter and jam on the muffin, she stands right beside me.  Bo follows me to the breakfast table and sits at my feet, not taking her eyes off me.  I take a bite and she edges a little closer.  I take a second bite and she rests her chin on my knee.  Another bite and she begins to drool.  Drops of dog drool down my leg.  No scent of rabbit, no sound of trespassers, no fluffy tailed squirrel can divert her attention at this point because she knows something: that last bit of crust will be lovingly tossed to her.

I can be like Bo and start my morning with my nose to the ground (or grindstone) chasing here, there and everywhere.  Or I can be like Bo and begin my day at my Master’s feet, my eyes fixed on Him, trusting fully that I will receive from His hand not just a bit of crust, but a better portion. 

“When Your words came, I ate them.  They were my joy and my heart’s delight.”  Jeremiah15:16

p.s. That is not a picture of Bo’s nose.  Her nose is way cuter; she just wouldn’t let me take a close up of her nose, which I totally understand.



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