Day 7 – A Month with Mary and Martha

“Mary has chosen what is better…”  Luke 10:42

Every week I’m faced with some really tough decisions.  I’m talking about extremely overwhelming choices to make each and every week.  My palms sweat when I know it’s getting close to decision time.  I throw up a prayer for wisdom, take a deep breath, and force myself to deal with what is before me: the cereal aisle at my local grocery store.  There are 282 different brands of cereal to choose from (yes, I counted); is that really necessary?  Do I need 282 options when it comes to cold cereal?  And spaghetti sauce – I would have to make spaghetti every week for two years and three months to give them all a taste test.  And peanut butter: there’s creamy and crunchy and roasted honey nut and natural and reduced fat and rich roast and super chunk and extra crunchy and simple blend and honey blend.  GASP.  Wouldn’t life be a whole lot easier if there weren’t so many choices?

In the story of Mary and Martha, I’ve pictured Mary listening  to Jesus’ teaching from the kitchen doorway and becoming mesmerized by His words.  Without even realizing it, she wanders into the living room and finds herself at Jesus’ feet.  I have been picturing wrong.  It seems Mary made a choice.  She knew Martha needed help in the kitchen, but she chose to go into the living room anyway.  Gutsy girl. 

Choosy mothers may choose Jiff, but choosing Jesus is better.   

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