Wedding Countdown Day 29

“Are you ready for some serious shopping?” I asked PB as we got in the car to make a trip to the big city.  His eyebrows went up, his shoulders went down and sweat started beading on his forehead.  “Aw, it’ll be fun,” I said.  And it was.

This was the I-don’t-have-a-dress-to-wear-to-the-wedding-yet shopping trip.  Oh,yeah, and PB probably needs something, too.  So we spent yesterday going into every dress shop in Madison and I must say, PB was a real trooper.  Nary a complaint, not even a sigh.  I let him stop for ice-cream mid afternoon and he was good for another two malls. 

The MOB dress is a tricky thing.  She can’t look better than the bride and bridesmaids, but she should look a little better than everybody else.  She doesn’t want to look too old, but she can’t look like she’s trying to be too hip.  Long or short?  Bright colored or subtle?  $368 or $40? 

I saw it in the second store I looked, and nothing measured up the rest of the day.  PB thought that meant an early exit, but he was game when I mentioned that shoes, necklace, earrings were next on the list.  Good thing he was eating ice-cream at the time, getting his strength up for round 2.  What a patient man.

Buying PB a suit was a breeze.  Instead of traipsing around the city to every dress shop, if you’re a man, you go to the only men’s suit store in town.  A very professional, well dressed young man directed us to the perfect suit with the perfect fit with the perfect shirt and tie.  Perfect.  So easy.  But I wasn’t jealous.  I like traipsing around with my husband.

So, we are going to look good, but not too good;  not too young and not too old;  classic, yet with a little flair.  I only forgot one thing: Spanx.

5 thoughts on “Wedding Countdown Day 29

  1. Seriously?! You found your dress in one day? I’m impressed. As a MoG I’m supposed to “match her level of formality” and I should NOT wear the same color. I’m hoping for an entire day dedicated to shopping one of these days, too, but I’ll let you keep PB. lol 🙂

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