Wedding Countdown Day 30

Last night I made 84 cake balls.  In lieu of the traditional wedding cake, we have decided to make cake pops, Lord have mercy.  They are so darn cute, though, and will make for a festive display.  Last night was strawberry night.  I already have 120 chocolate cake balls in the freezer.  And we haven’t even started with the vanilla yet.   Here’s the scoop on cake balls:

The night before I made 3 cakes. 

I started by cutting the cake into 8 chunks.

Then I took a knife and scraped off the brown outer covering.  You can’t have brown crumbs in pink cake balls.  That would just be wrong.


Next, I rubbed the chunk of cake in my hands over a bowl and let the crumbs fall where they may.


How do the crumbs hold together, you ask?  Frosting, of course!  I dropped a dollop in the crumbs and worked it in.  Oh, and see that cake pan with all those delicious, moist, brown bits of goodness?  I didn’t eat all of it…


The last step was to roll the delectable concoction into balls and put them into the freezer.  When they are frozen, I will put them into a sealed plastic container where they will wait for their crowning glory: a dip into more candy coating sweetness.  The day before the wedding.  Gulp.  This better work or I’ll be in big trouble. 






12 thoughts on “Wedding Countdown Day 30

  1. Country bumpkin that I am I’ve never even heard of these. How very neat! And as usual, it looks like you are doing a perfect job. 🙂 I love this countdown!

  2. I’m in trouble. Anything I can pop into my mouth in multiples can be a dangerous thing……but I’m game!
    When do we dip?

  3. Day 30- go Dinah go! Yesterday I asked off for Aug 12. Beautiful pink cake balls! Great work!!!! tomorrow day 29 go get em

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