I’ve been looking for the perfect outfit for spring and I think I finally found it.

I didn’t discover it on Pinterest.

I didn’t see it at the outlet mall.

It wasn’t displayed on a mannequin.

Oh no.

My new favorite outfit was modeled by the newest fashionista in town….

….my granddaughter, 6 month old Evie Sally Ann.

Let’s start with the boots.


As you can see, her footwear is soft and furry for ultra-comfort.  Swoon.


Evie is sporting a medium grey legging with sparkly pink hearts.  Adorbs.


She’s chosen a pink (of course) ribbed long sleeve top with sparkly (of course) ballerinas.  Ca-uuute.


And this jacket.  To die for.

Detailed stitching, petite pockets and rolled up sleeves.  So hip.


Don’t you agree that Evie looks completely put together and ready for a fun day at Nonnie’s?

This is my new favorite outfit.

I just need it 100x bigger.

After all, I am about 100x older (653 months, to be exact).

Gosh, I wish I could look that cute with drool running down my chin.


I also wish I could sit up with my legs straight out and touch my toes.


Oh Evie-girl, to be you…..