I’ve been looking for the perfect outfit for spring and I think I finally found it.

I didn’t discover it on Pinterest.

I didn’t see it at the outlet mall.

It wasn’t displayed on a mannequin.

Oh no.

My new favorite outfit was modeled by the newest fashionista in town….

….my granddaughter, 6 month old Evie Sally Ann.

Let’s start with the boots.


As you can see, her footwear is soft and furry for ultra-comfort.  Swoon.


Evie is sporting a medium grey legging with sparkly pink hearts.  Adorbs.


She’s chosen a pink (of course) ribbed long sleeve top with sparkly (of course) ballerinas.  Ca-uuute.


And this jacket.  To die for.

Detailed stitching, petite pockets and rolled up sleeves.  So hip.


Don’t you agree that Evie looks completely put together and ready for a fun day at Nonnie’s?

This is my new favorite outfit.

I just need it 100x bigger.

After all, I am about 100x older (653 months, to be exact).

Gosh, I wish I could look that cute with drool running down my chin.


I also wish I could sit up with my legs straight out and touch my toes.


Oh Evie-girl, to be you…..


4 thoughts on “Fashionista

  1. And you don’t have to make any decisions – someone makes them all for you!
    A great rendition of life in child-form…and that is what we are to be about, “take no thought about tomorrow for tomorrow has worries enough.” Consider the lilies of the field…
    Evie is cuter that those lilies!
    Thank you for sharing,
    Peggy Aderton

  2. Sooo cute! I sure enjoyed holding her Sunday at church!😊. Thank you all for sharing her with me. Guess I should have not been so selfish – Cristy wanted to hold her, too. Oops😕. Evie could teach me a LOT about fashion!! 💐

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