I’m throwing a little celebration here on “small drop” today! 

Thirteen years ago, on February 2nd, this little experiment began and I had no idea what I was doing. I still don’t know exactly what I’m doing, or if I’m doing it right, or if it’s even worth doing! I do know my little blog isn’t fancy-schmancy or in a league with the big-girl bloggers out there. But I’m content with a small space to articulate my small thoughts to my small audience! So, happy birthday, “small drop”! 

As I hit this milestone, some thanks are in order. 

Thanks to my son-in-law, Noah, who said to me one January day, “You should have a blog.” Within a few seconds and a few clickety-clacks on my laptop, a new babe was born! I was extremely intimidated and it took me a month to get enough nerve to publish my first post.

Thanks to my two girls, who encouraged me by saying that I did, indeed, have something to say, and then told their girlfriends to read their mom’s blog. However, if my daughters were the only ones who ever read this, it would be enough for me. 

Thanks to my sons, who let me use their experiences to demonstrate grace.

Thanks to my grandchildren, who garner more “likes” than any other type of post.

Thanks to PB, who doesn’t mind when I sit him down and plop the computer in his lap and say, “Want to read my blog?” To which he responds, “Did you write about me?”

Thanks to my friends who intentionally stop by, as well as readers who drop in by accident. You have no idea how it thrills my heart to know you’ve been by for a visit!

One more: Thanks be to God, who was the original Word that became flesh and lived among us for awhile. And continues to live among us. Amen!

14 thoughts on “Teenager

  1. Happy Blogger Birthday! I read everything you post and LOVE it all!

    Hope you’re doing well. When is your trip to Florida?

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  2. Happy Birthday to A Small Drop of Ink ! So glad you are sharing your thoughts and writings with your readers ! I enjoy each and every one along with my sister Sue, in Cottage Grove, MN.

  3. Thank you Dinah for all of your wonderful thoughts and inspiration! Happy anniversary and thank your family from all of us lucky readers

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