Advent All Year

Another Christmas season has come and gone.
Advent is over.

We prayed, “O come, O come, Emanuel.”
We waited through dark midwinter days.
We let our hearts prepare Him room.
We listened for the angels’ song — Gloria!
We received the wondrous gift of the little Lord Jesus,
asleep on the hay.

Advent is over.
Or is it?

If Advent is the season of reflective preparation for the coming of Christ, then it’s still Advent! The weeks that lead up to Christmas are a yearly reminder for us to get ready for round two. We get a practice run every 12 months, a rehearsal, a warm up lap.

The Big Advent event is still on the horizon.

We are still praying, “Come Lord Jesus.”
We are still waiting for the Day of the Lord.
We are still preparing our hearts and making room.
We are still listening for a glorious trumpet blast.
We are anticipating the mighty shout of a conquering King.
We better not be asleep on the hay.

So keep singing “Rejoice! Rejoice! Emanuel shall come to thee!”
And keep waiting and watching, with joyful anticipation.
Continue to make room in your heart and home and calendar.
Listen every day for the whisper of the Holy Spirit.
Be generous givers and grateful receivers.
Stay awake!

It’s Advent all year.

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