True Confessions

I confess I’m not very good at confessing.

Confession was not a big part of my faith tradition so I never learned the proper words to use or the correct posture to strike or the acceptable attitude to display. This section of my prayer notebook is thin. I have much to learn.

When it comes to confession, I tend to swing between two extremes:

#1) I think about things I’m really ashamed of and recoil at the thought of rehashing them. Let bygones be bygones. Sweep them under the rug and move on. The past can’t be changed, so don’t look back.

Lord, have mercy.

#2) I can’t think of anything to confess. I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs and I don’t sleep around. I go to church, I read my Bible and I’m a really good girl. There’s no sense in drudging up something that isn’t there.

Lord, have mercy.

I know that both extremes of that swinging pendulum are filled with error. Somewhere between beating myself up and puffing myself up, there is a place where God is patiently waiting for honest truth.

So I went looking for help. I needed words I didn’t have. If confession is a cleansing of the soul, then I wanted to learn the language, understand the posture and adjust my attitude.

King David got me started with the scariest prayer I ever prayed:
“Search me, O God,
and know my heart;
test my thoughts.
Point out anything
You find in me
that makes You sad.”
(Ps. 139:23-24)

It’s not up to me to delve into the deep, dark places of my soul to drum up some impressive sins. That’s God’s job. He does a thorough search and makes me aware of what’s lurking there. Once it’s pointed out, it’s my job to look it square in the face, agree with God that I was out of line, and say “I’m sorry”. And mean it.

Many others have written heart-felt confessions
that provide words I wouldn’t have come up with on my own.
It’s okay to steal those prayers —
no confession needed.

Coming Up:
Pardon Me

Looking Back:
Pray to Pray

6 thoughts on “True Confessions

  1. Where is sin.
    I believe it can be in inaction of goodness as well as action in a sinful way..
    See James 2:15-20

    Asking God for forgiveness of my sin or my inaction of not reaching out to others with kindness and friendship and I mean the unpopular crowd whom no one may feel comfortable with. Those unclean in language or living habits. For When God gives us a gift of His peace, joy and understanding we ought use Gods gift in lifting up others.
    If I don’t, Have I not honored or praised Him as a child of His so should do. Why ?
    If I do what I should I am not passing Judgement that belongs to Christ Jesus.
    To judge others who may drink or use improper language as not worthy of my attention is taking The judgement away from The almighty. In effect is it not dishonoring the King of Kings Lord of Lords and the one and only one who will make the judgement call on the last day.
    Jesus the Christ.
    He knows my sins. My Human nature. I ask forgiveness as I forgive others who have offended me. And always Ask in the name of Jesus Christ

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