The ACTS acronym has been around a long time. It serves as a method of prayer that includes Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication. I remember learning this handy dandy prayer model when I was a kid. So it’s nothing new.

I’ve never had trouble coming up with things to confess — there’s plenty of fodder for that. Thanksgiving is easy — I just have to open my eyes and look in front of my nose. My prayers tend to lean heavy on the supplication side — there’s no end to the list of things I ask God for on a regular basis.

Adoration is my weak spot.

I can’t think of much to say.
“God, You’re adorable”?

According to the dictionary, to adore means to regard with the utmost esteem, love and respect; to like or admire very much; to delight in; to worship.

Perhaps we find it hard to compliment God because we aren’t very good at complimenting each other. We may think things, like “Wow, she looks really nice today,” or “Man, his guitar sounded so good this morning.” But we rarely voice those thoughts. Our inability to communicate admiration to each other transfers over to our relationship with God. “Nice sunset,” we might think, and go no farther. Maybe adoration is just voicing the thought. “I see that artwork in the sky, God. Great job! You really know how mix the colors. I love the way You do that.”

Once when we were on vacation, we noticed a crowd of people gathering on the beach at dusk. Everyone set up chairs facing west, to watch the sky show. When the sun dipped below the horizon, the audience broke out in clapping and whistles. There was a standing ovation. Then they picked up their chairs and went home. That round of applause? I think it sounded like adoration.

So here’s the deal:

If I was at Menards and happened to see a certain HGTV decorating star, I’d go up to her and say, “I love your show! Your style is so warm and inviting and your creativity is so inspiring! I so look forward to seeing your designs each week! You are my favorite decorator!” (Yes, I would use all those exclamation points.) (And I would say “so” three times.)

If I was at the library and ran into an author I highly respect, I’d whisper, “Your books have meant the world to me. I admire the way your stories connect with life. You are so good at putting things in a way that resonates with me. I’m so honored to meet you and be able to tell you how I feel.”

If I had a backstage pass at a concert and had the chance to speak to a musician I’ve always loved, I’d say, “The songs you sing speak right to my heart. I play your albums all the time and know every one of your songs. I think you’re the best songwriter ever.”

See? That’s not so hard.

Adoring God is simply telling Him what we love and admire about Him.

“God, I love Your style, Your creativity, Your words, the way You touch my heart.  You are my favorite — the best ever, and I’m honored to worship You.”

Big hand-claps and hurrahs!
A standing O!

9 thoughts on “Adore

  1. Oh Father Thank You for the Suns warm rays and the Gulfs warm air. They are so comforting and relaxing. And the people we met today were so freindly and helpful when we asked direction. You really are blessing us today like you did yesterday when the rain stopped and out of no where you showed us a boat that was loading people for a Dolfin cruise. It was like You were giving us an invitation. And we joined them. You are so awesome and we see your blessings each day. We ask you bless our friends with some warmer weather too.
    Thank you Most gracious awesome God!
    Thank You Dinah

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