What Worked For Me in 2020

So many things didn’t work this year. The usual routines went out the window. I’ve got to admit — some of it was a relief to let go of. As an introvert, being told to erase everything off my calendar and stay home sounded like a dream come true. But the world outside my window told a different story. It seemed to convulse with distressing bad news. I wanted nothing more than to bring some order into the chaos, some compassion into the vitriol, some saneness into the crazy. I coped by finding some things that worked for me.

  • Walks. Walks around the neighborhood. Walks through the woods. Walks by myself. Walks with PB. The strolls provided more than exercise for the body — they offered a place for my soul to breath, a refresh for my mind, and some tranquility for my emotions.
  • Focus. That was the word I picked out as my theme at the start of 2020. After all — 20/20 vision, right? I can’t count how many times this year I breathed the prayer “Eyes on Jesus. Eyes on Jesus. Focus.”
  • Sermon notes. I saved some pages at the back of my planner for taking notes on sermons. This simple practice helped keep my mind from wandering on Sunday mornings and gave me food for thought in the week that followed. PB also loved it when I quoted him.
  • Blogging. In my 10 years at “a small drop of ink”, I’ve never written so many posts. There was a series on Psalm 23 in the spring and a series on “The One Anothers” in the fall, but my magnum opus was “The Long Song — Psalm 119”. I posted five days a week for 22 weeks, which surprised even myself. The conditions were right for lots of writing.
  • Food. Food worked for me in 2020. When I wasn’t writing, I was baking. Sweet rolls, bread, cookies, cakes. My son introduced me to Korean Beef and Mission Street Tacos. I read cookbooks like novels and have so many recipes earmarked, I’ll never live long enough to try them all. Comfort food is real.
  • Sewing. My sewing machine came out of hiding and I made my granddaughters dresses this summer. It was just the project I needed. Something creative and functional, pumped full of love.
  • Frother. Yes, a milk frother. A little cream in my coffee cup, worked up into a foamy lather and then steaming coffee poured in — such a small thing, but so delightful.
  • BRP (Bible Reading Plan). Every year I put together a plan that helps me stick to consistent study of God’s Word. While I did flounder a while and missed several weeks during the summer months, I got back on track in September because I had a plan. Those early mornings of study and prayer anchored my soul this year. The plan for 2021 is up and ready to go.
  • Words. So many people came through with helpful, encouraging words this year. One of the quotes I copied into my journal as I wrestled with the reality that the pandemic is a “marathon without a finish line” came from journalist, Alex Hutchinson.

It turns out that, if you ask yourself “Can I keep going?” rather than “Can I make it to the finish?” you’re far more likely to answer in the affirmative.

Yes. I can keep going.
We can keep going.
Even after we hit the pandemic finish line,
we will keep going.

God bless us, every one.

“Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” Hebrews 12:1

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