Stanza Y

Well, friends, this is the final week of the Long Song study! I am simultaneously doing cartwheels (in my mind) and wiping tears (for real). Maybe that’s how David felt, too.

At first, I wished David would have called it good after last week’s stanza because it was full of joy, love, praise, peace and hope. But that might have been too neat and tidy of an ending. This is more real. After 176 verses, David still needed God as much as he did in verse one. After 22 stanzas, David was still crying out for the Shepherd.

Psalm 119:169-176

Yelling, I hope You hear me, Lord;
     please help me comprehend Your word.

You listen to every request;
     now rescue, just like You promised.

Yakking all day, I can’t help it,
     because You have taught me so much.

Yes, songs of praise are in my mouth,
     exalting Your faultless commands.

Yank me along with Your right hand,
     for I pick You above all else.

Yearning for Your deliverance,
     still, I find Your word delightful.

Yielding my life to Your purpose,
     let Your law invigorate me.

Yet I wander, so come get me;
     let Your words stick with me always.


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