Presto! 41 Years!

PB and I celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary this week.img_0755

Also this week, the electric knife we got as a wedding present bit the dust.
“The Cutup” made by Presto was a darn good product.
It carved many a Thanksgiving turkey,
sliced heaps of warm bread loaves,
and de-kerneled cobs of corn for the freezer.
Sure, we had to wrap it with electrician’s tape to hold it together.
And the label had to be glued on a few times over the years.
But forty-one years of slicing is nothing to sneeze at.


The key to a good electric knife is the smooth motion of the two blades.
They have to go back and forth in sync,
while staying firmly attached to each other.
One goes forward, the other one moves back.
Then the other one slides up as the one slips back.
It happens so fast, you might not even notice all the slipping and sliding.
All you see is the whirring teamwork of the blades working in tandem.

That old knife is a little like PB and me.
We’re a good team.
We keep each other sharp.
We’ve cut through a lot together.
We’ve patched up a few cracks.
We haven’t gotten too bent out of shape.
We’ve stayed attached to God and each other.
Of course, PB is quite a “cut-up”.
But he’s also been a faithful, reliable partner.
There’s no one I’d rather slice through life with.

Seems like yesterday when we unwrapped that wedding present.
Presto! Forty-one years!



9 thoughts on “Presto! 41 Years!

  1. Congratulations to you on a job well done!
    How wonderful to see your news and know
    just what you mean about team work and
    getting things done in your years of
    As for the electric knife…ours (the knife)
    stopped working last summer. 35 yrs ago it
    was a wedding gift. Your story made
    me smile as it was similar to ours. Good times.
    Sending love

  2. Haha, great analogy! You are such a good writer!! So true, you two make a great team! And you probably had to be held together with tape a few times yourselves. 😀 Happy Anniversary
    Love & miss you! Marilee & Lenny

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