Stanza O

The 14th section of Psalm 119 begins with a verse David made famous around 1000 B.C. Then Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith made it famous all over again in 1990 A.D.


Bible writers have compared the Word of God to fire, a hammer, seed, water, honey, gold, a sword, an anchor, and a mirror. David saw the Holy Law as lamplight that guided his steps.

Psalm 119: 105-112

Opening Your word shines a light,
     illuminating my life’s path.

Once I made a vow to follow;
     I meant it then, I mean it now.

Often I have suffered deeply,
     Oh Lord, revive me by Your Word.

Out of my mouth comes willing praise,
     receive it and then teach me more.

Observe the risks I take for You;
     even so, I keep Your word close.

Others bully me and set traps,
     still I hang tough and stay on course.

On and on Your legacy lives;
     such words make my heart sing for joy!

One thing alone motivates me–
     staying true till my dying breath.


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One thought on “Stanza O

  1. Love the Psalm 119 and you spin on it. Meditating on it is peaceful and fills my soul with joy.
    Need is to stay focused there in the road ahead.
    Thanks Dinah

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