Stanza C

Psalm 119 is long, y’all.

I’m doing my best to keep these posts from getting too lengthy. I don’t want to overload you with information and get all lecture-ish on you. Just be glad Thomas Manton isn’t writing this series. Who is Thomas Manton, you ask? He was a Puritan preacher who lived from 1620-1677, but he does not make my list of favorite old dead guys.

Rev. Manton was famous for preaching 158 sermons on Psalm 119 — three sermons a week for a year. But that wasn’t enough for him. He went on to write a three volume work on Psalm 119 with 190 chapters — more than one chapter per verse — for a total of 2025 pages. Without the internet. It’s safe to say that I will not rival Manton’s word count.

Let’s start week three!
Only 19 more to go!
Are you with me?

woman hands on bible


Psalm 119:17-24

Consider being kind to me,
    so I can serve well and obey.

Continue to sharpen my eyes,
    to see wonders jump from your word.

Clearly I’m a stranger on earth,
    so don’t cover up the roadmap.

Consume my soul with deep desire
    for your laws, all day, every day.

Come down hard on the prideful ones,
    on those who veer off with disdain.

Cast off from me their hateful jeers,
    as I resolve to stay the course.

Crown princes gather to shame me,
    but I will think only of you.

Counsel me with your commandments,
    and I will delight in them all.


Verse 18 is a good one to memorize and use as a prayer at the beginning of your Bible study time. Why not put it to memory this week?

7 thoughts on “Stanza C

  1. It’s a great verse to commit to heart. My bible uses the word “behold” rather than “see”. And I have a note saying “to behold is to gaze upon and inspect”

    • I like the word behold! It sounds like we are to put the word before our eyes and then “hold” our eyes on it for a while. A gaze is different than a look, or a peak! Again, it infers a length of time. Thanks Lori!

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