Buckle Up

This fall, PB is preaching on the full armor of God as found in Ephesians 6.  As he spoke about the belt of truth last Sunday, a song started playing from the dark recesses of my mind. Maybe you remember it? (If you’re over 50.)

Buckle up for safety — Buckle up!
Buckle up for safety! Always Buckle Up!
Pull your seatbelt snug,
give an extra tug.
Buckle up for safety, everybody — buckle up!


This jingle, which was on a television commercial in the mid 1960s, encouraged the public to use some newfangled things called “seat belts”. By 1968, all American made cars were mandated to include the safety feature. Twenty years later, laws were passed in most states requiring people to actually use them.

buckleI’m sure the Apostle Paul didn’t have seat belts in mind when he wrote, “Stand firm, then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist.” (Ephesians 6:14) But, like a seatbelt, truth keeps us from flying all over the place when we come up against something. It keeps us safe.

I’m also sure that the composer of that jingle wasn’t trying to make a theological statement. But just look at these words.

Buckle up for safety — Buckle up!
Buckle up for safety! Always buckle up!
Show the world you care,
by the belt you wear.
Buckle up for safety! When you’re driving buckle up!

Being honest and truthful is a way to display compassion.
Offering a shaky world the solid ground of the Gospel shows we care.

Buckle up for safety — buckle up!
Buckle up for safety! Always buckle up!
Put your mind at ease,
tell your riders please.
Get your seat belts buckled! Everybody, buckle-up!

Peace of mind comes from being secure in Christ.
The road ahead is gonna get bumpy, so tell your riders. Please.

The truth is,
we need the belt of God’s truth holding us together.
Buckle up, people.

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