Word of Forgiveness #5

Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord. Acts 3:19

 Back when I was a teenager and my fresh faith set me on fire for the Lord, I wanted to share Jesus with everyone I possibly could. This led to some innocent but questionable witnessing tactics. For instance, when I would visit a public restroom I would take a Sharpie marker out of my purse and add to the graffiti in the stall. Right above the roll of toilet paper, I would solemnly write, “Let Jesus wipe away your sins.”

 This method of evangelism was shady, at best. First, writing on public property was vandalism. Second, it was borderline offensive. Third, I doubt if there was any real soul searching as a result of my appeal.

 Peter’s appeal in Acts 3, however, was extremely effective. Peter ended up in jail for preaching in Jesus’ name, but over a thousand Jewish people came to believe that Jesus was indeed the Christ. People responded to Peter’s call to repent and turn to God.

 Repentance is defined as “a change of mind that results in a change of action”. Primarily, it is a change of mind about sin—no longer is sin something to toy with; it is something to be forsaken. It is also a change of mind about Jesus Christ—no longer is He to be mocked, discounted, or ignored; He is the Savior to be clung to, worshiped and adored.

 What good news it is that our sins can be wiped out! Like marker on a whiteboard — one swipe and the marks are erased! How refreshing!

Lord, I turn to You today. Wipe away my sins and send much needed refreshment to my spirit. Change the way I think about sin. Open my mind to understand Your truth.  

One thought on “Word of Forgiveness #5

  1. Yes. And everyday is more or less a battle.
    If you, for me anyway, or if I feel i am free from sin I must be alert. Christ warned me that Santan is on a constant search for souls to steal. Looking for people to lure them into sin. This tells me Satan dont look for sinners to lure into sin, those he has already. So guess what I feel. I feel if I am not battling with a sin to avoid then Satan has me sinning now.
    What ya think?

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