Word of Forgiveness #4

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9

  In a survey taken a few years ago, the hardest English word to pronounce correctly was determined to be “Worcestershire”, as in Worcestershire sauce. I couldn’t agree more. I routinely get ridiculed for turning the word into a four syllable utterance: “war-ches-ter-shire”. Evidently, the correct pronunciation is “wuss-ter-sheer”. In a language full of challenging words (myrrh, anemone, otorhinolaryngologist) this one is definitely not easy to pronounce, but it is not the hardest of words to say.

 I was wrong. I am sorry.

 Now, those are some truly difficult words.

  Confession is important because it acknowledges the reality of our sin and our need for help in dealing with it. Admitting we are wrong is hard on our pride and requires humility. It means owning up to the fact that we make mistakes, do careless things and have a bent toward rebellion against God’s law. Confession is agreeing with God over what sin is and then recognizing it in ourselves.

   Our God stands ready to forgive, if we would just say those hard words. Our confession does not initiate a long lecture from our Father, nor any heavenly “tsk-tsking”. God rushes to grant mercy when He hears our sincere expression of regret or sorrow. He forgives and cleanses us from all of our junk, giving our hearts a fresh start.

  Dear God, it’s time I confess some things to You. I long for freedom from these sins. I am quick to recognize the shortcomings of others, and slow to see my own faults. Come, clean me up and create in me a clean heart.

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